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Construction Financing Made Easy!
January 21, 2015 @ 1:51 PM by: Don Blair

Whether you need money to put the roads & services in, to build a model house, some spec houses or to complete a whole sub-division, MortgageTech can help. We have a long history of helping builders obtain the financing they need--whether from an institution or from a private lender. 

There are several key reasons why our clients love dealing with us:

1. Our rates and fees that are hard to match--leaving more money in your pocket!

2. We will lend up to 75% of the finished value of the house--meaning you don't need as much of your own money as you would with other lenders.

3. We keep it simple--like a 1 page Lending Commitment.

4. We are quick. It is common for us to fund a draw request within 72 hours. And we do our own inspections, so no waiting around for the bank to send its appraiser out, wait for their report, pass it around the office, etc.

5. Need two draws in a month? No problem.

6. We know what we're doing. And with 35 years in the business, we should.

7. We are not Toronto focused. With offices in Orillia, Newmarket, Guelph & London, we don't wear suits.

When you need money, call us. And be ready to get building!